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Virtu E Fortuna

Virtù e Fortuna

It’s a wider look at the world of Delos as the BBM crew takes a look at Episode 3 of Westworld”s second season: Virtu E Fortuna.  Latin Mass predates Phil, so he had to take to the internet to figure out the meaning of the title.  There’s a great and concise explanation at observer.com, HERE

Title aside, David, Phil, and Kari break down the degrees of freedom for hosts in the park, the origins of the Bengal Tiger, and the return of everyone’s favorite lab techs named after cartoon cat.  There’s a ton to discuss and we have a great time getting into it on this week’s Brokebot Mountain.


Dolores makes her next move; Charlotte scrambles to protect Delos’ most prized asset; Bernard gets closer to the truth.


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