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This week on Varmints! we look at the wonderful, whopping, winsome walruses! Flop on over for a splashy adventure. Doodly doodly doodly hi hi hi hi hi!

But first, the news!

Awesome Apple Podcast five star reviews from YOU, Critter Crew!

LaceyU28: Really fun! I heard Paul on PWLT with Jeremy Collins. I knew about Varmints before but didn’t start listening till after that interview. It’s a fun show, charming and educational too. I have a lot of episodes to catch up on and I’m happy about that. Definite animal fan and this show make me love them even more.

@SamKulper: This show is a blast! I’m not an animal expert but Paul and Donna seem to know what they are talking about. Great fun and family friendly. If you like animals at all, give this show a listen! (Sam from The Breakers podcast)

Whylimewhynot: So cute and educational! Paul and Donna do a great job presenting information in a fun way – it’s like an audio version of Zoobooks from way back when! I learn so much about animals I never would have thought about before. (Emily from The Story Behind podcast)

Story Spectacular: My new favorite show! I love animals! Especially the ones with a “bad reputation”. That is why I am so excited to have discovered Varmints! Paul and Donna bring you fascinating information with a high dose of humor. A great show for kids and adults alike. Highly recommended!

Aranel Lissesul: YAY! Paul and Donna are my favorite podcast hosts and each episode reminds me of the days spent catching newts, frogs and snakes in the stream not too far from my backyard. Thank you for feeding my voracious love of knowledge and animals!

Huckersteve: Gut bustingly funny and you might learn something too! This podcast is a hidden gem but I think it won’t stay that way for long. Paul and Donna have a chemistry that few other show I listen to manage to rival. Donna is a card too – to say the least! Keep up the great work Varmints Team!

Want to learn about walrus communication? Head on over to Walrus World!


 We just don’t communicate anymore, Bob.

Check out ET the Walrus vocalizing his face off. Video courtesy of YouTube user PtDefianceZoo1.

Untranslatable. Adorable.

If you’re up for a brainy article about vibrissae, we will hook you up. Go on, egghead, you know you want to. The tactile sensitivity of the mystacial vibrissae of a Pacific Walrus.

Check. It. Out.

Swanson Pyramid of Greatness. Courtesy of RSSing.com.


Fish meat is practically a vegetable.

 Remember Tennessee Tuxedo? Video courtesy of YouTube user Rayo P.

Durrrr, okay, Tennessee.


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