Wedding Bells & Blizzards – See, Here’s the Thing – 70

wedding bells blizzards

Okay, kids:  the honeymoon’s over.  No.  Literally.

Wedding bells have been ringing, to be honest.  We’ve been busy getting married, life got hectic, and long story short: we took a three month hiatus.  But fear not! We’re back, and with a vengeance…against blizzards

We’ll chat a bit about wedded bliss, our honeymoon in Grenada, and the Snowpocalypse of 2017.  First things first: check out one of my favorite wedding pics:

wedding bells blizzards

Second, our honeymoon was RIDICULOUS.  A brief overview of paradise, if you will:

I mean, RIDICULOUS. When can we go back?!?

We also get into our brief review of The Last Jedi, which ends up staying as safe from spoilers as you know we can be. Plus, we touch on a bunch of new movie trailers, which Patrick brilliantly explains (as best as you know he can do).


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