Welcome Dr. Patricia McConnell - Ask Your Dog Guru - 46

Welcome Dr. Patricia McConnell to Ask Your Dog Guru!

In this highly anticipated episode of Ask Your Dog Guru Victoria is joined by Dr. Patricia B. McConnell Author of The Education Of Will and other books such as: The Other End Of The Leash, Puppy Primer, Lost in Translation?, and For The Love Of A Dog.

It is through her memoir that she encapsulates a phenomenal amount of experience sharing stories and trials of dog ownership. In a heartfelt and eloquent way Dr. McConnell unveils that like so many others, even a professional can be faced with a long and complex journey filled with  unspoken peaks and valleys but similarly, rewards and reaching milestones of success in Dog Training and Behavior Modification.
As a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist, a Columnist, Broadcaster, and “Coach” Dr. Patricia McConnell, has made it her life’s work to reach canines and the owners who love them.
Her warmth and kindness will not only grab your attention her words will enrich your life and the relationship you seek with your canine.

She and her books as well as her speaking engagements can be found at: http://www.patriciamcconnell.com

I encourage every listener to read her books, listen to her story, and enjoy this very special episode.

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