Wolverines – Varmints! – 9



Join two guys named Paul as they head up to the Great White North to learn all about wolverines on this week’s edition of Varmints!

Here’s some stuff we referenced on the show:

First of all, here’s a really great documentary on wolverines that features quite a few of the things we highlighted in this week’s episode. Courtesy of YouTube user Dragonfly Shadow Productions:


Of course wolverines have their own website! Go here to learn a whole lot more than two dumb-dumbs on a podcast could ever tell you about these wonderful creatures!

How easy was it to do research on wolverines on the Internet? This Google image search for “wolverine” should give you some idea.

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Finally, an amusing anecdote from Hugh Jackman about the trials and tribulations of portraying everyone’s favorite X-Man! Courtesy of YouTube user TheEllenShow:

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